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Tribal Cultural Preservation in Cannabis Community Research & Development

Diamond’s Lounge focuses on bringing out the best in the cannabis community. As patients, we have seen the lack of compassion available to those who have needed it the most. Whether it is veterans, cancer stricken or those that are just caring for their loved one, the value that this plant brings to our community as an ice breaker is tremendous & we are an organization that knows how to develop plans around anything.

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Real Opinions from those affected by the war on drugs

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As an organization, we value all of those that are connected to us, & even those that are not. We operate in the light as we are of the light.

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Diamond's are created through extreme amounts of pressure

“The cannabis industry has been underground for so long that its hard to find people you can trust! We appreciate Organic Relief & how persistent they have been”

stephanie p.

Cannabis Funded Projects

The following are projects that we are willing to discuss as we grow. Welcome to join or help us make it better!

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